Bean Counters Are The Road To Hell


I have an online associate who is fond of quoting Gary Vanyerchuk’s statement that you can’t measure ROI on your mother. I used to think it was a bit “motherhoodish” but lately that sentiment has come into ever sharper focus for me, simply because it identifies the inherent failing contained within our entire system.

The failing is we simply have to measure everything and what return it delivers. It’s complete and utter madness. I’m sure we weren’t always this way. I’m sure once upon a time, we managed to have our society’s needs prioritised because some things just can’t be measured.

Things like love, courage, kindness, respect, honour, duty and manners can’t be quantified. You can’t simply head on down to the supermarket and pick up a bottle of love, nor can you top up on courage at the service station. Sometimes I wish I could, life would be a whole lot easier.

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