Spiritual Man

I wrote these lyrics a long time ago.  I had this cool harmonic riff which is still waiting to find a home and I built a song around it.  Unfortunately it was way too clunky

So the lyrics have sat unnoticed for a long time.    I came across them today while looking for something else.  I think its time they saw the light of day.

Spiritual Man

I try real hard to be a spiritual man
If I try real hard I think I can
Get myself straight before its too late
Get myself straight before its too late

Surrounded by temptation
I want to have it all
The pleasure of sensation
And thrill of recall
I try to look inward
To find inner peace
But my soul is an invalid
Begging for release

I try real hard to be a spiritual man
If I try real hard I think I can
Get myself straight before its too late
Get myself straight before its too late

Pictures of Babylon
Glorify gross offences
Lit up in neon
They erode my  defenses
Surrounded by temptation
I want to have it all
The thrill of sensation
The pride and the fall.

I try real hard to be a spiritual man
If I try real hard I think I can
Get myself straight before its too late
Get myself straight before its too late

Lurking in the sewer
Of my thinking dome
Are thoughts so un-pure
They are best left alone
Whispers of love
Promises of acceptance
Put nothing above
The pursuit of excellence
Are they all mine?
Or just implants
By studio prime time
That leaves nothing to chance

In case you’re wondering.  I’m not a psycho, I wrote this during a particularly cynical period when I despaired for the future of the human race.  I’m in a much better place now.




Why CLoudbusting by Kate Bush Made Me Cry

Why Kate Bush’s Cloudbusting Made Cry

Well this is awkward.   Real men don’t cry especially over 80’s music videos and I have to confess to being well, wooden would be generous, when it comes to my emotions.

But, I did cry real tears when I first saw it back in the mid eighties and I didn’t know why.

I watched it again today and I cried again, but for different reasons, I think.
I’m guessing it was 1985, maybe 1986, so I was still in the middle of what I call my wasted years.  It would have been a Saturday or Sunday morning in the wee hours.  I was sitting in one of three lounge rooms that I seemingly always ended up in on those hours at those times.  I was drunk and alone (unless you count the two or three people who were scattered sleeping around the room.)  Rage, a music video program was playing on the ABC – it still does today and I was watching it through a beer fog.

Then Cloubusting came on.

It grabbed me by the throat and wouldn’t let go.

Six minutes of heart wrenching emotive story telling at it’s finest and by the time it had finished I had tears running down my cheeks and was sniffling like a baby.

To say I was confused by this was an understatement.  It was just a music video after all.   I bought the album the next day.

I didn’t think that it changed my life.  It wasn’t the pivotal moment in a long journey to redemption and normality, but it touched me deeply.

Now, having viewed it with the benefit of thirty years “wisdom” I think I know why it had such a massive effect.

I watched it today and I got teary again this time I could watch it from the father’s viewpoint.  I could see the special relationship between father and daughter and the unconditional trust that the daughter puts in the father.   Stories after all are all about love, redemption, courage and sacrifice.  It’s all there in the video.

I have three daughters.  I love them deeply and I’m terribly proud of them all.  I hope they know that.  There’s something confronting and deeply profound about the way the father/daughter relationship is portrayed in Cloudbusting that reflects my relationship with them.

But it’s deeper.

It’s about good memories. “Every time it rains, you’re here in my head, like the sun coming out.”  I tear up when I write that.

It’s about inevitable loss.  “I wake up crying.  You’re making rain and you’re just in reach, when you and sleep escape me.”


So that brings me full circle back to 1985/86 to me with tears running down my cheek, hoping that my companions don’t wake to see me like this.

I know how my daughters make me feel.  I hope that they will always have good memories of me long after I’m gone, in many ways my daughters have been my salvation.

Back in those mid eighty years I was a mess.  Emotionally, spiritually and it has to be said physically. I loved nothing, drank ridiculous amounts, made a habit of being the most objectionable person in the room and showed no emotions other than contempt or disgust.  I was a pathetic parody of rebellion with loads of talent being pissed up against a wall every other night.

I can see now I was angry and I’ll be exploring that anger in coming blog posts but Kate Bush cut through all those layers of crap and opened my heart.

She made me look at my own relationship with my own father and realize what a huge disappointment I must have been to him.

I can still remember, in my VCE year after doing something particularly stupid hearing him say to my mother  when he thought I was out of earshot “Well dear, that’s the end of Mark.”

It killed me.

Over the next five years I did nothing to give him any reason to be proud of me and plenty of material to reaffirm he’s assessment of me back then.

I’m sorry Dad.  I still remember you taking me to the footy in under tens and being Team Manager because no-one else would.  I remember the sacrifices you made for all of us while you and mum battled with my brother Grant’s illness.  I remember you taking me to Uncle Allan’s when I was four or five because Mum had to stay at the Royal Children’s I guess.  I remember that stuff.  I know you loved me.  I know you still do despite me being such a disappointment.

I wanted to make you proud.

I don’t think I ever did in those years – I just wasted my gifts and you watched on helplessly while I did.

Somehow Cloudbusting pricked that bubble. It still does.


Song In the Face Of Love

Another song from those sessions in 2003.


I’m a little disappointed with this.  The mix doesn’t capture what is going on with the rhythm guitar and the solo was an off the top of my head take  to show this is where we’ll put the guitar solo.

But I’m proud of the  words.


Do you remember the questions of Orwell’s 84? 

Well How come they don’t get a run anymore? 

What’s that I hear the Polies a sayin’? 

Who cares, the question is who’s doin the payin? 

The bureau of skeptics they ridicule the truth 

While media barons poison the mind of the 

Money power and sexual excess 

These are the measures of the worlds “success” 



But it all falls down in the face of love 

“It all falls down” 


Video, High techno lounge room war 

Show the lights but they don’t show the gore 

Let’s not look at human misery 

Just categorise people because of our apathy 

Circuses & Vaudeville keep the masses 

While the big boys laugh at you the abused 

Power, pain & the politics of persuasion 

Don’t put human suffering in the equation 





What did the little boy with the almond eyes do 

To make you feel the ugly way that you do 

Take a magic ride in a chemical haze 

Why don’t you flinch when the city’s ablaze? 

Try & Live in 3D virtual reality 

Supine, rudderless, spineless spirituality 

Let the politicians reign 

Over their grubby statistical domain 

We are free when we choose to be 
YES you are  free when you choose to be etc 


Song – Nonsense Jig

Written in 2003 after several jam sessions with Darren Sherwell, Nonsense Jig is a simple enough tune with a cool little riff that sounds better with a little more distortion.


I like the words I think their sentiments are clear enough


Nonsense is as nonsense does, Mum’s the word and gag the buzz!

The world teeters on the brink and people haven’t got time to think.

So round and round the argument goes, what it’s about nobody knows

The devil’s in the detail, they’re messin with your life, it’s always in the detail there’s gonna be some strife.


Round and round the argument goes, what it’s about nobody knows.

The people ignoring every word, allowing lunatics undisturbed.

Arguing over this and that, raising revenue passing the hat.

The devil’s in the detail, they’re messin with your life, it’s always in the detail, there’s gonna be some strife.

Ad lib



Passing laws to dumb us down, acting fools while playing the clown.

They dot their “I”s they cross their “T”s allowing no room for apologies.

They’ll save the world from going broke and remove our freedom with a stroke.

The devil’s in the detail, they’re messin with your life, it’s always in the detail, there’s gonna be some strife.