What is a plr product

What is A PLR Product? Discover How You Can Profit

What Is A PLR Product, How Do You Use It? & Where Can You Access PLR?

PLR (Private Label Rights)is one of the real business opportunities that on line business owners can take advantage of. Amidst all the hype, snake oil and smoke and mirrors that masquerade as business opportunity, PLR sticks out like a sore thumb.  It is something rock solid that you can turn into regular income.  Regrettably, most people looking to make money online are never told about it.  Those who ask “what is a PLR product?” are often misled about the benefits.  That is a great pity.

So- what is a PLR product really?

PLR products are products that have been licensed for you to use as your own.  The products could be website templates, graphics, software, articles, reports, videos or in any other digital product format.  Not only can you present the product as your own, you can edit the product as you like.   Importantly, with PLR you are given the source code in editable form to the  document, allowing you to change how the product reads or is presented.

PLR is similar but not the same as Resale Rights and Master Resale Rights.  Both of these types of rights may be included with the PLR product that you buy.  Consequently it is important to understand exactly what you are buying.

Resale rights entitle you to re-sell the product after purchase.  Unless otherwise stated (PLR) you cannot alter the product in anyway or offer resale rights to others.  Usually products that come with resale rights come with a mini site template for you to sell the product with.

Master resale rights give you the right to not only sell the product but to offer resale rights with it.  Many marketers in the online marketing industry love Master Resale Rights products as it gives them an instant product that has an up-sell built in (the resale rights) This is great in the make money on line niche, but loses impact once you get out of it into other areas.

How do you Profit from PLR?

OK – here’s where it gets interesting.  There are many online marketers who recommend PLR as an easy product creating medium.  In fact I’ve bought products promising PLR secrets that just recommended buying PLR products and listing them on JV Zoo or Clickbank . I should have saved my money.  Quite frankly that strategy is lazy,unoriginal and noncompetitive.   So don’t do it.

What you can do is take the PLR and “retool” it to make it unique.  Here are a couple of ideas.

  • Combine several products into a package and price it accordingly.
  • Take the best elements of two products and combine them into a completely new product.
  • Take the content of a written product and create an audio or video product- reading the content and recording them.  Screencast-O-Matic  is an excellent tool to use in this regard.
  • Rewrite the content using your own voice.

When you do this you should invest a little money in branding your product as your own.  Header graphics and eBook covers can be put together for very little cost using sites like Fiverr or more upmarket services like Udemy.  There really us no excuse not to go the extra mile and brand your PLR content as  something unique.

Where Can You Access PLR?

There are a number of sites that offer PLR across the Internet.  From time to time you can pick up some excellent material from the Warrior Forum or JV Zoo.  But to get consistent quality content across a variety of niches, I can think of no better site than Resell Rights Weekly.

You can view what is on offer by watching this video


Resale Rights Weekly  has now become a massive library of PLR, Resale rights and Master resale rights products. It also offers plenty of practical instruction on  how to build, place and sell products.

If you really want to understand what is a PLR product and how to profit from it Resell Rights weekly is the place to go.

Join today.


How I Can Help You Grow Your Business Presence

Growing your online business alone, unaided is a daunting prospect.
There is so much to learn, so much to do.  It’s quite overwhelming.

Why spend countless hours even years trying to figure out all this stuff when you can pay somebody to do it reliably and well on day one?

I’ve spent over ten years figuring most of this stuff out and I can deliver quality work for you in the key areas of SEO, articles, sales copy, email marketing, lead capture pages, adwords management, social media engagement, WordPress, site design, video management and creation, banner advertising…. you name it, I’ve done it or know somebody who does it well.

I can deliver – and here is the proof


If you want professionally delivered web copy at very reasonable rates I will deliver engaging SEO friendly writing for you

Qulaity freelance copy writer
Quality copy writing
Expert sales copy
Sales writing for business

If you need help with WordPress and on ongoing support check out these bona fide testimonials

Suheto theme problems solved
Suheto theme problems solved


Worked with slam music theme to fix Slider problems
Worked with slam music theme to fix Slider problems


Installed theme and shopping cart
Installed theme and shopping cart

Why I quit Internet Marketing (and why I haven’t really)

Internet Marketing – simply put is the buying and selling of good and services on the Internet.
Any other definition is not correct, although there is a common misconception that the term Internet Marketing relates solely to the Make Money Online or Network marketing niches.
I’ve been involved in the Make Money Online niche for nearly ten years.
I’ve learned an awful lot.  Made some good money and taken a few baths along the way….but I’m not getting any enjoyment from it.  If I’m honest I haven’t been for well over two years.  I get impatient with people looking for the magic money button.  I get viciously nasty towards the people selling  the magic make money button and I find that those of us in the middle – reasonable people trying to make an honest dollar are ridiculed by the shysters and ignored by the vast majority of starry eyed wannabe hopefuls who find it easier to believe a slick video produced by a convicted insurance scammer, or a couple of outright liars who think its cool to pressure people into “going all in” on the false premise that you can blog about anything to make money.
I’m sick of fighting the good fight.
There’s easier ways to make money online then to compete in shark infested waters bloodied by the slaughter of innocent hopes and dreams of thousands.
My good friend and mentor Graham Hamer, quit the “industry” a couple of years ago, stating that it had become infiltrated with an  egotistical unethical “elite” group.
I guess Graham got tired too.
I have some good friends in the business who I have spent quite of bit of time with on Skype over the years. Everyone of them, I consider to be ethical, smart and very good at what they do.
They will always be my friends and I wish them every success in the future but…there comes a time when the grass not only looks greener on the other side of the fence…it is greener.
It’s greener because Internet Marketing has taught me skills that are in huge demand.

  • SEO
  • Site design
  • WordPress
  • Copy writing
  • Video management
  • Social media engagement
  • Email marketing
  • Adwords management
  • Banner design

Need I go on?
The point is this .  Over the past six months I’ve progressively established a business profile on a number of freelancing sites offering services in most of those categories.
I find the work interesting, challenging, engaging AND rewarding.
The more rewarding I found it the more tiresome  the Make Money On line niche looked.
Which is kind of a pain in the bum, because I’ve been working away at creating a legitimate membvership site that was aimed at really helping average people make money online.
The site is almost built and has been almost built for three months.  It needs a couple of one time offers added and some pro member content (already written added)
I need a reason to finish it.
Accordingly I’m offering the site for sale – either as is, completed, or on a partnership basis.
I know with the right amounts of energy and enthusiasm, the site could make a tidy income.
All serious offers will be considered and I’m happy to give anyone a tour and some honest appraisals of what the site could deliver.
If you’re interested – there is a contact form that should be accessible via this page – give me a shout at – let’s see if teh site is a right fit for you.
As for me, I’m going to ply my skills in the freelance market.


What Does it Take to Run a Successful Home Business

There are more business opportunities both online and offline than you can poke a stick at and I’ve been involved in online marketing for long enough to know that most of them are either built on nothing but empty promises.

So for a business opportunity to even vaguely interest me I’d have to be seriously impressed with the product and the person promoting it to even consider being involved.

A little while back, through the magic of the Internet, I fortunately became reacquainted with a lady who I hadn’t seen for over thirty years.  I noticed that she was promoting a business opportunity and said nothing (I mean nearly everyone I speak to online is promoting something).

However, it soon became apparent to me that Lynette Douglas was not promoting her product the way everyone else was and she was extremely passionate about the product itself.   I knew instinctively that Lynette had every chance of succeeding with her business opportunity when most fail because she was committed to it.

So I scheduled a Skype appointment with her to find out what made her so passionate about her product and why I was so sure she was going to succeed.

I’m not going to reproduce the conversation verbatim firstly because I can’t read all my notes and secondly because my interviewing style isn’t very linear.  Instead I’ll make the following observations.

Lynette promotes a company called Exfuze who, according to their mission statement are dedicated to creating the most effective, nutrient-rich, multi-botanical products the world has ever seen, as well as offering a dynamic home-based business opportunity.  It’s a powerful statement, but to be honest, I wouldn’t have given them a second look without Lynette’s obvious enthusiasm and passion for the product.

Lynette was able to give me a personal testimony to the benefits that both products on the market in Australia have given her and when I asked her if she was embarrassed talking about a product being promoted under a multi level marketing platform she seemed shocked that I would ask such a question.  “No people need it,” was her simple straightforward answer.

She was originally attracted to the products by their nutritional content and then was attracted to the business opportunity.  She’s done some network marketing before with Nutrimetics and Mary Kay cosmetics, but hasn’t ever really gone all out on anything.

This time she is.

She knows that there are plenty of roadblocks and that most people just won’t get it, but her aim is pretty simple – just to link arms with two like minded people and teach them to do the same.

It’s a simple concept, so I thought I’d try the products myself.
I am impressed.
And I’ve joined Lynette’s team – this was a big step for me, I don’t se myself as a network marketer, but after Lynette showed me the simple blueprint to make an annual income of 100K per annum with no selling, I was sufficiently motivated and confident to take the plunge.

I’m glad I did.

====>Read More About EXFUZE 
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