How to find a good niche market

How to find a good niche market

How my online niche market found me.

Behind the smoke and mirrors that most Internet marketing “gurus” like to hide behind are a few essential grains of truth. The essential grain of truth that stands above all others is simply to match your passion to a niche. Then work it for all its worth. If you are asking how to find a good niche market, the answer lies within you and what your passion is.

The best way to demonstrate what I mean is to recount my own experiences with online niche marketing and how my passion allowed my niche market to find me.

Internet Marketing Snakes & Ladders

I started to believe I could make money online many years ago. This was after a long writing hiatus when I started to write articles and short stories.  This led me to the small press network and inevitably online to places like Ralans.  I got some stories published and won an award for best SF story at Tom Howard’s short story contest and was doing OK thanks.

But the thought of making real money on line was a constant lure.

I read everything I could get my hands on about pay per click. Affiliate marketing, email marketing and websites.  My head was full of so much conflicting information, I didn’t know where to look, who to believe or what to do, but man it was exciting…..but terribly unproductive.

I went down some terrible byways and lost sight of what I was there in the first place for.

But one consistent piece of the puzzle stuck with me – targeted niche marketing could be very lucrative.  Back in those days the emphasis was on Google Adsense and possibly some affiliate products. Programs like MPAM and Site Build It encouraged the monetisation of sites based upon good keyword research.

There were (and still are) heaps of info products that will teach you how to find a good niche market.  While most of them have some good advice, very few of them offer a gilt edged way to follow through.

I know because I tried heaps of them.  Several years ago I stopped trying and decided to be myself.

The amazing thing about the Internet

Is that it is so bloody big.  There are communities and forums dedicated to every conceivable human pursuit- from scuba diving to chess, to conservation to exploration.  And yet online marketers seem to focus on the same old same old “money niches.” You know the ones I mean.  Make Money Online, Weight loss, Dating, Fitness, Health…the usual highly competitive done to death niches .  I guarantee that your chances of succeeding in those areas are next to zero.
There is two reasons for this.  As I said these niches are highly competitive and have been attacked from every angle, making it very hard to get any traction.  More importantly because these niches are highly lucrative they attract professional marketers.  People who love marketing.  Do you love marketing?  DO you know it inside out and back to front?  Are you prepared to invest thousands of hours learning and perfecting your craft just so you can get a shot at competing?

If you answered yes to all of those questions, by all means go right ahead and chase those affiliate dollars.  On the other hand…most of us don’t actually like marketing.  Sure we can throw up a few ads and write a few articles, maybe even do a video or two.  But when it comes down to the nitty gritty, we really can;t be bothered with all that testing, tracking, tweaking and analysis that marketing actually demands.

There’s no shame in that.  None at all.  In fact, I wish I’d spent my time not learning that stuff and concentrating on what I actually loved doing.  It took me the best part of ten years to figure that out, but I go there in the end.

There’s no secret on how to find a good niche market

The answer is really simple.  Instead of wasting months or even years learning how to target a niche, start the other way around.  Discover what you’re really passionate about and then work out a way to monetize it.

When I was literally at my wits end, I threw caution to the wind and decided that my only way  out was to enjoy myself.  The results have been phenomenal.  Most of my work now comes through from referrals.  I aren’t advertising, I do very little SEO work on my own site.

I just work at what I love doing – which is writing.

Of course I had to build my profile, which I did via some freelance sites like Udemy and Airtasker, but once my profile was built the work just keeps rolling in.  It isn’t all that sexy, I can’t show you some fancy screen shots and I certainly won;t be buying a Ferrari any time soon, but I am working full time from home.

The great irony about this is that I didn’t really know how to find a good niche market until it found me.

Here’s what I did

  1. Found my passion and decided that I would live or die by my results in that area.
  2. Worked out the best way to monetize the activity
  3. Built my profile at several freelance sites (your passion may not allow freelancing but there are plenty of forums were you can build a profile.)
  4. Priced initially to sell.
  5. Delivered on time every time
  6. Asked for referrals
  7. Increased prices as demand increased.

Obviously, you can’t follow my exact path, but the principle of finding what you like doing and then monetising it is absolutely crucial.

You can work out what you need as you go.  Hosting, email marketing, social media platforms and the like can all be used in line with your core business idea.

The whole point of working online is to attain a level of freedom that working for a boss doesn’t allow.  Getting stuck working tedious tasks is not what freedom looks like.  Find what you want to do and go for it.  There’s a market for it. Whatever it is.






How long does it take for Google to index?

How long does it take for Google to crawl my site?


If there is one question I can’t give a definitive answer to on SEO related matters it’s the how long question. How long….

  • will it take for Google to index my site?
  • before I’m on the first page?
  • before I see results?

What I can and do do is tell you how to give yourself the best chance of being rated highly in the areas that you have the best chance in.

Every business is different.  Every market is different.
You can’t plug in a formula and say in 4 days Google will rank you number 3.  I wish you could.

What you can do is get the basics right and then concentrate on presenting your site in the best possible light.

Getting the basics right for Google to index your site.

All the fancy SEO strategies in the  world won’t help unless you have a site in good working order that is visible and readable for search engines

  • Check Server responses use a tool like this server response header
    Pages should return 200/OK responses.
  •  Have actual  readable “content”     Images look great and pretty webs ites look cool but a search bot can’t see or read an image.
  •    Use “normal” links – keep it simple a normal link is    <a href=”some_URL” title=”optional”> Something here </a>. Using event based functions   (no href value, instead using or using select list elements with functions etc.) can cause the bots to not follow.
  •  Submit the site to Google  use this URL Submittal tool
  • Build authority and relevance.  by trying to get a few quality links from sites that deal with related topics
  •  Sign up for a Google Webmaster Tools account. and get your site verified.  This guarantees nothing, but it can help you to  discovering and locate problems if they exist.


Present your site in the best possible light for getting your site indexed by Google by doing…

  1. Keyword analysis – find what relevant  search terms are highly searched
  2. Competitor analysis – review how much and what quality opposition there is
  3. Optimise your site on page for SEO commensurate with the research you’ve done.
  4. Create quality, relevant and fresh content for your site
  5. Follow a long term strategy to organically build your site’s relevance and authority via backlinks and social media
  6. Concentrate on building value by providing quality outbound links and on site links.

If you concentrate on doing those things, and behaving ethically and responsibly, Google will notice you and they will rank you accordingly.

How long will it take For Google to Index ?

That depends on a number of variables.  Google’s own indexing guidelines cannot give a definitive answer.

The best answer is to ensure that your site complies with all of Google’s requirements and to be patient.

The frustrating thing initially, is that even if your site is indexed, it may take some time to rank competitively, particularly if the site is targeted towards a highly competitive niche.

If there are multiple sites all operating in the same niche, all with similar targeted keywords, Google may index your site quite early, but your ranking will almost certainly be very low, particularly if you have fairly standard content that does not make you stand out from the crowd.

Creating your own identity and brand that revolves around specific long tailed key words can help you to rank higher quicker.

The Keys To Ranking Well

Its worth restating -the keys to ranking well are

  • Define your market and your place in it and create related content.
  • Research of related keywords.
  • Research of competition already in the marketplace.
  • Developing good social media channels and engaging with your audience.
  • Posting outbound links to quality related content.
  • Establishing credibility by attracting inbound links from quality websites.

It all takes time and/or money.

In my opinion, legitimate white hat  SEO tactics, combined with a coherent social media strategy will give the best results for targeted website traffic in the long term, whereas purchasing advertising, be it via Adwords, media buying, banner traffic or something else, is a constant cost.



How I Can Help You Grow Your Business Presence

Growing your online business alone, unaided is a daunting prospect.
There is so much to learn, so much to do.  It’s quite overwhelming.

Why spend countless hours even years trying to figure out all this stuff when you can pay somebody to do it reliably and well on day one?

I’ve spent over ten years figuring most of this stuff out and I can deliver quality work for you in the key areas of SEO, articles, sales copy, email marketing, lead capture pages, adwords management, social media engagement, WordPress, site design, video management and creation, banner advertising…. you name it, I’ve done it or know somebody who does it well.

I can deliver – and here is the proof


If you want professionally delivered web copy at very reasonable rates I will deliver engaging SEO friendly writing for you

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If you need help with WordPress and on ongoing support check out these bona fide testimonials

Suheto theme problems solved
Suheto theme problems solved


Worked with slam music theme to fix Slider problems
Worked with slam music theme to fix Slider problems


Installed theme and shopping cart
Installed theme and shopping cart

WordPress comment spam

I don’t really know who keeps teaching people that mindless comments on blogs generate back links but you would think that after five years (at least) of decidedly unproductive effort that the practice of WordPress comment spam would be abandoned.

But it’s worse than ever.

Most of the comments are generated by insidious bot software that either injects unintelligible gibberish into comments or in the more cunning examples largely irrelevant bland comments that could be mistaken as being made by regular viewers.

It’s a pain in the bum.

I just did some work on a site that was infected with 23000 such comments.  Twenty three thousand just in case you thought that my typing finger had developed a nervous twitch.

On this site, while I was getting my ducks in a row on other projects, I turned off comments on all posts because I could not spend half an hour deleting comments on a daily basis.  Unbelievably, I was still getting attacked through my pages and media attachments (images – go figure).

It wasn’t a big deal but it was annoying.

So while cleaning up the site that had been almost totally overwhelmed by comment spam, I found a couple of handy plugins.

The first was a plugin called delete all comments.
I plugged it in activated it and pressed a button and voila! 23000 spam comments disappeared into the void.  Handy in such an extreme case.

Within half an hour I could see that the comments were mounting on the site again even though I’d turned off all comments on pages and posts.  The comments were being directed to media attachments – how utterly bizarre, stupid and annoying.

So I did a little research and found a plug in called disable comments – this nifty little tool allows me to selectively turn off comments in particular areas – posts, pages and media.  You beauty – problem solved.

If you’re having problems with WordPress comment spam this plugin will help its free and can be easily added by searching for disable comments in the add new plugin section of your WordPress back office.
If you’re looking for detailed help with WordPress look no further than the package below