Here Is Why The Establishment Is Losing

 I really Should Know Better

Here’s whey the establishment is losing the goodwill of the people.

I responded to a post from a Facebook “Friend” – Kenneth who had suggested that Brexit was “the longest train crash in history.”
I spar with Kenneth regularly.  It’s fair to say that I respect his views but don’t see the world the same way as him.  That’s OK – it’s great to see different perspectives and I see a lot.  I want a complete picture so I tend to subscribe to and listen to a range of opinions from the far right to the far left.  I don’t agree with any particular political persuasion but  I like to know what people think.  It helps to draw characters for my fiction work, if nothing else.  Anyway back to Kenneth’s post.  I though his statement was a bit of a stretch.

World War 1, World War 2, the collapse of many empires, the Holocaust, Pol Pot or many other major events in history that were a)longer and b) caused more damage could have been mentioned.

I chose to suggest another event happening right now  that has potentially much greater consequences for the entire world.

A Facebook Exchange Based On Incorrect Assumptions

This map of the radiation spread from Fukushima gives you some idea of why I think this is a tad important.


Apparently my point of view was upsetting to a friend of Kenneth’s who immediately labelled me a “quitter”

I don’t know who this guy is but it’s worth noting two things.  He labelled me and made an incorrect assumption and b/ He denigrated me because why? I didn’t think Brexit was the biggest train crash in history?  or that I said that nearly half the people of Britain disagreed with Kenneth?  I don’t know.  But I responded, it has to be said quite impetuously.

I don’t actually think Brexit is hilarious but I do think the reactions of people like David and to a lesser extent, Kenneth are.  I understand that they are fearful of what will happen, but I don’t think lecturing and name calling are going to solve anything – on the contrary they only serve to alienate people and polarise opinion.  This strategy worked oh so well for the Clinton campaign as they first alienated Bernie supporters and then labelled Trump voters “deplorables.”

You can think you are superior.  You can tell yourself that you are better, but if you don’t listen to and engage with people whose circumstances are different to yours, then you live in a bubble…..and bubbles burst.

Anyway my new acquaintance was just getting warmed up.

Getting Warmed Up

Oh dear – capital letters.  Besides his obvious distress he plucks a few scorched earth numbers from the air and continues to attempt to belittle me.  Red Rag to a bull I’m afraid.

That didn’t placate him and he drew on his vast reserves of sarcasm borne undoubtedly from his superior knowledge and education.

By this stage I had grown tired of the game and simply supplied him with a Wikipedia listing for Neo- Liberal.  Maybe I could have said simply someone who puts profits and corporations ahead of people, but I didn’t.  When you get into these debates, there’s only so many fronts you can fight on.  I could have also said the opposite would be exactly the same because when you get to the extreme edges of the political spectrum the results for the ordinary person are the same.

I didn’t get into debating the  Saudi thing.  The point that the outrage over Brexit is misplaced compared to real human rights abuses occurring on a daily basis doesn’t need a lot of debate I would have thought.

David belittled my use of Wikipedia and again assumed I was a cretin.

I asked him what his point was and if he was incapable of reading. That’s when things got really interesting.

Obviously David seems to believe I’m an idiot who has never had a job of note, can’t string two words together and hasn’t had a positive impact upon society at all.  I must be a loser.

Or maybe….just maybe people like David have a serious problem.  They are so impressed with themselves and their station in life that they have lost sight of what really matters.

Mr Munroe seems to think of himself as part of the establishment solution.  Maybe I’m wrong about him, but his attacks on me are par for the course with establishment progressives or conservatives(progressives not to be confused with greens, socialists or Bernie supporters all of whom can engage in intelligent debate).  I’ve had far better conversations with people from the “alt right” then I have had from  establishment “progressives”.  We disagree but we can have a conversation.

Former Australian treasurer Wayne Swan sensed the mood of the masses some time ago and said that there has to be real change and it has to happen soon or the bonfires will be lit and the pitchforks will be brought out.

Wayne Swan saw it.

Sadly most of the establishment refuse to see it.  They keep calling Trump and Brexit “aberrations.” The people’s views apparently do not matter.  The establishment no longer understands.  They just lecture, ridicule and label and in doing so have become the very thing they claim to despise.

They are alienating people daily.

That’s why the establishment is losing.

Now, where’s my pitchfork?