do I need website when I have facebook page

Do I need a website when I have a Facebook page?

There’s a lot to be said for the power of social media.  Facebook and YouTube in particular are two of the highest ranking traffic sites on the web today. A Facebook page will certainly brand your business and create interest in it, but is the traffic that you are generating quality traffic?  Or to put it another way are you getting genuinely interested visitors to your business with Facebook?

While there is a case for some particular business owners to make do with not having a website, the reliance upon social media solely is fraught with danger.  To discover what best works for your business, we need to look at what both channels do.

What does a Facebook page do?

Facebook is a social network.  People interact with friends and associates on all manner of topics.  Most of these topics are of mutual interest promoting discussion and a sense of belonging.
A Facebook page that is set up to promote your business can reach people who are already connected with your business in some way.  People who like your page receive your updates and may even share your business with others.  Your business visibility on Facebook is viral in nature.

A Facebook page is free and gives you potential access to a audience of millions.  The truth is that the likely impact of a page on its own will be minimal.  To really tap into the potential of Facebook, time and money need to be spent on effective advertising.

As with any pay per click advertising, the process is not as simple as Facebook would have you believe.  In all likelihood a pay per click advertising campaign may cost several thousand dollars before bearing fruit.

The other downside with Facebook is that Facebook page’s rarely rank in organic search results with Google or other search engines.  In short when people look for solutions to answers that your business could solve they will turn to a search engine.  They won’t find your business if it’s only listed on Facebook.

What will a website do for your business?

Having your own website to promote your business has many benefits.  The key is that you have total control of the look and feel of the site.  This makes the site recognisably yours and gives you total autonomy on what goes where on your site.

Your own website will present your business in a positive professional light.  A clean functioning website that informs and gives value to visitors is a great business asset. Importantly, it can and should gain traction in the search engine rankings.

I cannot overstate the importance of Search Engines.  Social media is fine – but it operates on an engagement and network basis.  Search engines operate on an enquiry basis.  This makes the traffic much more valuable.  When people use search engines they are looking for  answers.  When you provide quality content – your website will display in Search engine results and attract visitors looking to solve problems.

Use your website as your online business hub. This will enable you to deliver a clear consistent message and coordinate it through multiple social media channels and you will be on a winner.

If you own a bricks and mortar business, or provide a valuable online service like writing, Photoshopping, social media management or any other freelance activity you need a website.  there is no doubt about it.  That only leaves one question….

Do you need a website as an affiliate marketer or will a Facebook page be enough?

This is one area where there is really no right answer.  As all affiliate models are slightly different.  If you are operating as an affiliate in the Make Money On Line niche, it may well be that you could initially not have a website and still succeed .

However, if you are promoting products outside that niche and attempting to sell them through Clickbank, or another affiliate network, you will find that a website is an important element in your online marketing arsenal.

The Final Word

A website gives greater flexibility, more exposure and assists in positive branding, so you can build your online presence.


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