how to send a newsletter by email

How to send a newsletter by email.

Email is still one of the key communication tools that businesses use to reach their customers. Consistent clear informative communication via email creates trust –  key component in building any business relationship.  Many business owners recognise the importance of email communication.  However, many have no idea on how to send a newsletter by email. Here’s a brief run down on how to create and send a newsletter by email.

Who can you send an email newsletter to?

Strictly speaking you are allowed to send an email newsletter to those people who agree for you to do so.  Many businesses already have some sort of database where the customers have agreed to receive email updates from them.  Provided you can demonstrate that they have agreed for you to send an email, you should be able to legally send them.

But there are a couple of traps.

Common Email Newsletter Traps

The first consideration is confidentiality.  I am still astounded to receive emails from business people that have simply listed everybody in the address portion of their email.  This  allows all recipients access to email addresses and names.  It shouldn’t happen.  At the very least is shows lack of consideration to all recipients and brands the sender as unprofessional and uncaring. At worst the sharing of confidential details (i.e an email address) could lead to some nasty legal action.

This problem is easily overcome by using an autoresponder.  An autoresponder is a piece of software that can be used to send personalised emails to multiple recipients at once. Once you have one of these you will wonder how you ran a business without one.

Of course if you use an autoresponder you have to overcome the opt-in rules that surround newsletters and this can be a little confusing if you already have a database full of emails that your clients have freely given you.  The problem arises because all reputable email marketing companies insist that all your subscribers “opt in” to receive your newsletter.

Many of the larger ones are reluctant to accept a list of your existing subscribers. Most of those that will consider accepting your list will make you jump through more hoops than a performing seal at sea world.

The one exception to this is Brian Rooney, the owner at Traffic Wave.  A quick skype conversation and a genuine explanation of my circumstances saw Brian arrange for me to transfer my subscriber base to Traffic Wave without any fuss at all.  I know he would do the same for you.

But What if you have no subscribers?

You start attracting them today.  If you are a business owner you can simply ask people to subscribe to your newsletter.  Or you can create a landing age and direct visitors to it and grow your subscriber base that way.  The list growing exercise deserves an article of its own, but suffice to say you have to start someday and today is as good a day as any.

So once you’ve overcome these issues, you can arrange to broadcast a newsletter to your subscribers.

How to broadcast your newsletter by email.

OK so once, you’ve set your auto responder up and imported or attracted new subscribers, you’re ready to send a newsletter by email.

Autoresponders have two essential functions – the ability to send a message series at predetermined intervals and the ability to broadcast a message at a set time to your audience.  To send a newsletter you will need to use the broadcast function.

It’s a pretty simple process.

  • Firstly draft your newsletter,|so you can simply copy and paste it into the autoresponder WYSIWYG  editor.
  • Open up your autoresonder and go to the campaign managerSend newsletter by email Traffic Wave campaign manager
  • Select the autoresponder campaign  you require
    Traffic Wave choose campaign to broeadcast newsletter
  • Choose create new lettercreate new letter to send to subscribers
  • Choose between using a template and starting with a blank letter – I prefer blank letters – personally I find that templates bounce much more than blankly formatted letters – that’s been my experience – yet others will use templates.
    use blank letter template to send broadcast email
  • You will then arrive at the letter editor and you have a range of choices here.  Most Autoresponder companies now use point and click functionality that allows you to style your letter as you see fit. It may take a couple of minutes experimentation to find out how everything works  But once you get it figured – simply paste your re written newsletter into the body of the email
    content formatting to send newsletter by email
  • Insert all tokens or codes that you need to personalise the message.  These tokens will coincide with the information that you have captured and stored in your autoresponder database common tokens include Name, Firstname, Address, Date Subscribed (Timestamp), Company, City and Signatures.insert tokens to personalise email newsletter
  • Save your newsletterSve your newsletter to be broadcast
  • The letter will be stored (held in your stored letters and is ready for broadcast.stored letters ready for newsletter broadcast
  • To schedule your newsletter broadcast you need to go to manage subscribersmanage subscribers for newsletter broadcast
  • Once there you need to choose manage subscribers and then schedule broadcastbroadcast letter to subscribers

    You then choose the letter you want to send out.choose letter to sene newsletter by emailThen you simply schedule the time you want an email sent out click done and then scheduled broadcast and you’re donechoose time to send email newsletter broadcast

 Final notes re newsletters by email

Email is sold by many marketing gurus as the magic button that guarantees online success. Email doesn’t sell anything.  It is a tool to build relationships.  A regular email newsletter in any niche that builds rapport, gains trust and offers value will help to build business relationships.

Email newsletters are a tool to build business relationships.  Used wisely they can do just that.

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