So..what do you do exactly?

Its a question I dread, beause the honest answer is I don’t know.  Well, I do, but I can’t really explain it.

I try and get away with I write stuff and get it published on the Internet and that always leads to the inevitable question “How much do you get paid for that?”

I have three choices – tell the truth, lie a lot or give a vague answer.

I prefer the vague answer which usually includes terms like SEO, page rank and on site optimisation because I can normally guarantee that these answers will bore people stupid, their eyes will glaze over and they’ll start looking for someome else to talk to.

That’s fine by me because what I do is not for everyone, can’t be understood by most and I wouldn’t recommend it to my kids as a secure form of employment.

But I love it just the same.

So having given the vague general answer let me tell you what I really do.

I write stuff and publish it either in the form of blog posts, articles, free reports or paid digital products.  Sometimes, I get hold of some Private Label Rights content, rewrite it and publish it for sale.  (Don’t worry its legal that’s what Private Label Rights allow me to do)

All of that is about as useful as an ashtray on a motor bike unless I can drive traffic (visitors) to it.

Essentially I want to sell my products to a targeted list of buyers.

I employ strategies to identify these through paid traffic sources and then follow them up with regular email broadcasts.

That’s my business strategy in a nutshell.

At times it can be bloody scary.  At other times it can be lucrative.
I’ve had days when I’ve had sites hacked, I’ve lost over 5000 email subscribers due to some securrity issues,  I’ve survived all of Google’s machinations (mainly because I don’t give a fig for page ranking) I’ve been ripped off more than once and I’ve made some real decent friends.

I get up somedays and have no idea what to do.

Other days I’m pumped and excited.

The work changes constantly.  So does the exchange rate which nearly killed me back in 2009.

I’ve learned skills in copywriting, SEO, Youtube video creation, email marketing, websitedesign, squeeze pages, selling, Pay per click, networking and I’ve spent thousands of hours learning it.

I’ve made money as an affiliate, I’ve made money as a product creator, I’ve made money selling services to real world clients, I’ve made money selling advertising and as an online coach.

I don’t know what I’ll be doing next week.

That’s the exciting and most dangerous thing about what I do.

It isn’t for everybody….but it suits me fine.