I don’t do things like ordinary people.  I’m making these stories freely available.

Just click on the link and you’ll go straight to the relevant page.

Enjoy and feel free to leave any comments – I welcome them unless of course you are a spammer

Never Hit A Woman  a tale of emotional abuse told from a male’s perspective

If Only I’d Opened My Eyes a story of loss, weakness and maybe hope. (Fragments Of My Life)

Childhood heroes   A Story of a real hero

Postcards From Hell How close do you need to go to be over the edge? (Fragments Of My Life)

Rosa’s Place  Award winning short story about wanting to be better.

When Winning Isn’t Everything  Triumph against the odds(Fragments of My Life)

Collateral Damage  (Fragments OF My Life)

Why Cloudbusting by Kate Bush Made Me Cry (FRagments Of My Life)

Clone  Speculative Fiction about what the future might look like

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