Twittersphere tweetstorm January 24

Twitter debate

Censorship issues

The ongoing Big Brotherlike behavioyr of Twitter continues . We look at sensitive content blocked from viewing as well as a letter from Democrat heavyweights Feinstein and Schumer addressed to Facebook and Twitter calling for supression and identification of accounts calling for release the memo.

Journalistic Integrity

We look at the different journalistic standards of integrity including Lionel Nation being acknowledged by Suzie Dawson for his highlighting of her work

and compare that to Alex Jones claims that they are releasing the memo

The Ongoing Struggles of The Left Against The DNC

Lee Camp again reinforces my view that it is only the comedians on the left that have any integrity and cut through.  We also briefly discuss the disillusionment amongst Bernie supporters and the interesting move from some of them towards Trump

Dupont V The World

An interesting tweet alerting us again to a story running below the surface


A classic quote from George Orwell naturally enough leads us to David Frum


Jared Beck
Could Jared Beck Be America’s Voice of Conscience?

Jared Beck and his wife, Elizabeth are two of the very few precious voices of reason in the quagmire that masquerades as debate within American political discourse. Unfortunately most people are so locked into their own echo chambers of reality that they can’t or won’t hear them. That’s sad because …

Alternative Media Identities Flocking to Steemit

Recently I’ve been recording the obvious censorship being carried out by Twitter.  Similar happenings are happening across the social media landscape.  This isn’t a random happening. Left unchecked, Social Media is a dangerous platform for the political elites.  Real people swap and share real stories and opinions about real events.  …

Twitter Censorship In Full Beast Mode

The Twitter platform, having been exposed as a “gatekeeper” seems to have hgone full beast mode when it comes to censoring content that it deems to be ‘sensitive,” “fake news,” or “disinformation.” Besides the obvious algorithms that shadow ban right leaning Twitter users there appears to be much more going …