Twittersphere Tweetstorm January 25


Things are hotting up on Twitter.
The censorship continues unabated and is obviously run on an algorithm.

Despite this, debate still rages.

Unpacking General Flynn’s Actions

Imperator Rex logically looks at General Flynn and how he sees things playing out.

No matter which way you look at it, the official narrative of Russian collusion is falling apart.

FBI Agents In Serious Trouble

Thomas Paine reports that Peter Strzok has lawyered up by engaging Harvey Weinstein’s lawyer.  (Just think about that for a while).

As I was recording this video, tweets start emerging claiming that much bigger names were also lawyering up – we’ll probably look at that tomorrow.

The undercurrent running against the Deep State/Swamp is gathering momentum

James Comey is now being openly attacked by Republican’s and they have plenty of evidence.


But the Deep State isn’t the only one in strife….

DNC  now eating its own.

Jared  BEck succinctly describes the DNC today.

The people at Vice are trying to put things right by identifying who progressives should target at the primaries..  Their criteria is at best flawed

Other News Include

Unpacking the AI Nightmare

TPP Greenlighted in 10 Countries

NFL Reject Veterans SuperBowl Ad


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Jared Beck
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Alternative Media Identities Flocking to Steemit

Recently I’ve been recording the obvious censorship being carried out by Twitter.  Similar happenings are happening across the social media landscape.  This isn’t a random happening. Left unchecked, Social Media is a dangerous platform for the political elites.  Real people swap and share real stories and opinions about real events.  …

Twitter Censorship In Full Beast Mode

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