I have written previously about Qanon and wondered about its purpose.

It is now clear to me that Qanon has been the most disruptive vehicle used against the myriad of mainstream establishment forces aligned against the Trump presidency.  I would go so far as to state that without the consistent, regular drip feeding of a narrative that runs counter to the Russian collusion one, the Trump presidency may have already ended.

The fact that it hasn’t is both amazing and intensely frustrating to the establishment.

Qanon has been critical in setting agendas, disrupting false narratives and informing the public.  While, I still have reservations about the cult like feel of the movement, its power and influence can no longer be denied.

I suspect that Qanon has been the anonymous public face of an army of spooks loyal to President Trump.  Regardless of what one thinks of Trump’s politics, he is the duly elected President of the United States and these people appear determined to protect him.

Protect him from what?

Trump is a disruptive force.  His presidency is shaking the deep state establishment to its foundations.  I suspect that from the moment of his candidacy, he like Bernie Sanders was perceived as a threat to the status quo.  Presidents and candidates who upset the apple cart in America are targets for subversion or assassination.  Sanders was cheated out of the nomination, Trump was meant to lose.  When he won, all hell broke loose, not for any concern for the American people but for the vested interests that feast on the wealth that the American people produce.

At its heart, the Russian collusion narrative is either true or a systematic attempt to subvert the authority of the President of the United States.

The Russian collusion narrative is an obvious fiction, only because of the rigorous examination by independent media from both the right and left. Much of this forensic examination draws upon Qanon “drops.”  Some independent media commentators are open with their Qanon references.  Others draw upon the drops to investigate further and write fact based articles based upon the leads that “Q”drops.

It is a classic guerilla warfare campaign designed to protect the President from a very real and present danger – subversive, entitled elements within his own country.  If successful, the Qanon phenomenon may well be studied in history books in the future.





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