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My name is Mark Hodgetts.

Once upon a time, I was a Bank Manager – which was about as enjoyable as having root canal treatment all day every day.

These days I’m a freelance writer, published author of dark tales, sometime political blogger and wannabe musician. I enjoy all three occupations equally


I’ve always tried to keep the three separate which is kind of dumb.  Because I am who I am and I enjoy being involved in all three pursuits.

You’ll find that I write about all these things plus whatever gets up my nose at any particular time.

My distrust of authority and all things establishment can perhaps be traced back to some of my personal posts in Fragments of My Life and certainly in much of my fiction writing.

Writing credits range from the Australian independent media, Pregnancy and Birth (yes really), Morbid Curiosity, Andromeda Spaceways Weekly, Black Rose and various other small press outlets.

I’ve also released a self-published book – Postcards From Hell – Notes From a Purple Mind which I discuss here

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