Book Cover: Dark Byways of Possibility

A collection of short speculative fiction stories released in eBook format.
Dark Byways of Possibility explores dark byways of the imagination,  placing people in situations where the normal rules have been suspended. in Rosa's Place,  the main character is led down a path where he must choose between his dull existence and the promise of fulfillment in exchange for his life. Statue entices a sinner of "quality and quantity" to believe in the possibility of the divine. Firebugs explores the aftermath of flawed scientific experiments fuelled by big money. Mixed Marriage mixes those age-old themes of cruelty, difference and revenge. Faces is a weird tale of psychic filters and other possibilities. Clone takes us to a world where Clones are second-rate citizens who have more humanity than their purported superiors.

Dark, gripping and at times terrifying Dark Byways of Possibility is a must for any lover of horror or dark speculative fiction.


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