Deep Purple Mk2
Fragments of my life

The Deep Purple songs that kept me alive

I’ve just about completed my book tentatively titled Postcards from Hell, Snapshots From a Purpled Mind. It’s no epic and is probably self indulgent but its been cathartic for me. Its a series of snapshots of various parts of my life with references to various Deep Purple songs that seemed …

Fragments of my life

Just For the Fun of it

Around the time of the second Iraq War, I started jamming on a Sunday afternoon with a local Ararat musician, Darren Sherwell. It started out as a bit of fun. He was an accomplished player and excellent singer. My fingers were full of rust – but somehow,in those first fumbling …


Moved to tears by my first Floorgasm

From a very early age I have been in love with music. That love  grew and materialized in an ongoing affair for the past 40 years. In that time I have listened to and appreciated many different forms of music from the historical bombastic excess of Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow to …


Top 10 Songs By The Sweet

The Sweet were the first band that I really ever followed and I kind of accidentally got there. My brother was a big fan of Fox on the Run and I heard it a couple of times without really getting it, then somehow I heard Hellraiser on the radio.  It …

Bohemian Rhapsody

My reaction to the film Bohemian Rhapsody

When I see a film I usually respond to it on nothing other than a superficial level.  Most films keep me entertained for the hundred or so minutes that they run and leave little to no impression.  Maybe that’s because as a once writer of fiction, I see where most …


Heaven and Hell, Darkness and Light & The Search For Truth.

In my much younger years I was a frustrated wannabe guitar hero.  I spent much of my time listening to and trying to emulate the greats of the time – Blackmore, Beck, and Page et al.  Without much success it has to be said. It was the golden age of …


Spiritual Man

I wrote these lyrics a long time ago.  I had this cool harmonic riff which is still waiting to find a home and I built a song around it.  Unfortunately it was way too clunky So the lyrics have sat unnoticed for a long time.    I came across them …


Song In the Face Of Love

Another song from those sessions in 2003. I’m a little disappointed with this.  The mix doesn’t capture what is going on with the rhythm guitar and the solo was an off the top of my head take  to show this is where we’ll put the guitar solo. But I’m …

media is dying

Song – Nonsense Jig

Written in 2003 after several jam sessions with Darren Sherwell, Nonsense Jig is a simple enough tune with a cool little riff that sounds better with a little more distortion. I like the words I think their sentiments are clear enough V1 Nonsense is as nonsense does, Mum’s the …