A collection of short dark speculative fiction stories.

  1. The Tin Can Man
  2. Random Soul Audit
  3. Mitzi
  4. The Bunyip Hole
  5. Last Miracle
  6. Rule of Tribute
  7. Crawler
  8. The Trees
  9. You'll Be Sorry
  10. Dusk in the Sunset Country
  11. The Way of the Triangle
  12. Remembering Kira

I write weird stuff. What does that mean exactly?

Would you be surprised if I told you that I don't know?

Much of what I write has elements of horror, dark fiction, or what could be described as pessimistic science fiction. I don't set out to include these elements, they just sneak their way in. The story just comes out. Quite often it takes me to places that cause me to ask. "Where did that come from?"

All too often, I find those questions being asked when the story has taken a decidedly dark turn. Sometimes, if I’m being totally honest, I frighten myself – not in the traditional Stephen King sense, but more from the point of view of “is there something wrong with me?”


Surely, someone who has all their cups in the cupboard doesn’t envisage a world where people are tortured for past sins of past lives, as they are in my story, Random Soul Audit. And no one in their right mind would create the Mad Max-style holy man that is Radford in Last Miracle.

Both of those stories are seriously weird and disturbingly dark. I like them a lot.

Does that make me unstable? Will it mean that you are unstable if you enjoy those stories?

I think not. I’m just a normal person who is trying to make sense of an increasingly crazy world. I suspect that you are no different.

I don’t enjoy gratuitous violence and I’m willing to bet that you don’t either. But the simple fact is that abuse of power, violence and cruelty are all part of the world that we live in. Without acknowledging the bad, we are never going to appreciate the many good things that we all experience, and dare I say, take for granted.

Exploring dark weird stuff is for the most part pure escapism. But I’d argue that reading or writing dark weird stuff allows us to peer into the depths from a safe vantage point from where we can gain a better appreciation of all that is good in our world.

So, please enjoy these stories for what they are. They are simple dark weird stories without hidden socio-political messages, I hope that they alternately delight, disgust, inspire, tease, and frighten you. They come from the heart.


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By Mark

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