Another song from those sessions in 2003.

I’m a little disappointed with this.  The mix doesn’t capture what is going on with the rhythm guitar and the solo was an off the top of my head take  to show this is where we’ll put the guitar solo.

But I’m proud of the  words.


Do you remember the questions of Orwell’s 84? 

Well How come they don’t get a run anymore? 

What’s that I hear the Polies a sayin’? 

Who cares, the question is who’s doin the payin? 

The bureau of skeptics they ridicule the truth 

While media barons poison the mind of the 

Money power and sexual excess 

These are the measures of the worlds “success” 



But it all falls down in the face of love 

“It all falls down” 


Video, High techno lounge room war 

Show the lights but they don’t show the gore 

Let’s not look at human misery 

Just categorise people because of our apathy 

Circuses & Vaudeville keep the masses 

While the big boys laugh at you the abused 

Power, pain & the politics of persuasion 

Don’t put human suffering in the equation 





What did the little boy with the almond eyes do 

To make you feel the ugly way that you do 

Take a magic ride in a chemical haze 

Why don’t you flinch when the city’s ablaze? 

Try & Live in 3D virtual reality 

Supine, rudderless, spineless spirituality 

Let the politicians reign 

Over their grubby statistical domain 

We are free when we choose to be 
YES you are  free when you choose to be etc 

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By Mark