Fragments of my life

Clearly Quite Absurd

Clearly Quite Absurd is a very quiet piece from the Deep Purple album Rapture of the Deep. Its concept is simple. Life would be much simpler if we could clear away all the clutter and subterfuge and just read each other’s minds. There’s some lines in there that hit home …

Fragments of my life


Sometimes potential life partners pass each other by with never a backward glance. Time and circumstances don’t create the necessary spark. Other times, the stars align and everything falls into place. If I’d met Brigid three months earlier we may have simply passed each other by as I was still …

Fragments of my life

Three Daughters

The celebrated social commentator, Clive James, once said something to the effect that gazing upon the face of an intelligent beautiful woman was to gaze upon the face of God. It’s a  good line but is ultimately a shallow one. It resonates with me nevertheless because, I think he’s at …