do you sleep well

Hey, I’m glad you stopped by – you’re just the person whose opinon I need right now.

Take a seat, grab your favourite beverage and let’s have a little chat. Nothing serious really – I’d just like to take your soul’s temperature. What’s that? You don’t believe in souls? Let’s just call it your conscience then. Are you OK with that?


Let’s start with a simple question. Do you sleep well

Do you sleep well? No I’m not taking the piss. How do you sleep? Do you dream the dreams of innocents or do you toss and turn as you are pursued by whatever haunts you? The bank manager (if there is such a thing these days)perhaps or a particularly loathsome acquaintance. Maybe it’s someone you “betrayed” a long time ago, or even the big bad orange man himself.

What troubles you? What causes your heart to race and your guts to churn?

Is it that big a deal? Really? Why?

Does the thought of women and children being sold into slavery in Libya cross your mind? Who buys children anyway and what for? Do you dare ask that question and if so where did it lead you?

Sorry, I didn’t mean to unsettle you. I just want your opinion – you do have one don’t you? I’d like to understand what makes you tick. How did you come to form the opinions that you have? Who informed you of how the world works and why? Is there a why? Should there be?

Do you consider yourself “woke”? What does that even mean? Could being woke actually mean you’re asleep at the wheel? Just asking. Don’t shoot the messenger.

Who do you trust?

Why do you trust them? Where did their authority come from? Did anyone pay them to have that opinion? Is that even relevant? Why would it be? Do you dare question your heroes? What is a cult?

Do you ask questions or do you prefer your answers neatly packaged and presented to you in easily digestible chunks that reinforce your world view? Again, what is a cult?

What’s that? You think I’m being judgemental? Not at all. I haven’t given you an answer or a criticism, I want to know if you’re still thinking or if you’ve checked out and think this is as good as it gets. Do you sleep well?

Is this adversial political system that we have good? Is any “ism” good? Do you believe in unicorns?

Have you ever done your own research? Did you wade into the trove of open source material available on any subject and dig? Have you tried to tell people what you found and been met with blank looks, frowns and the dreaded tag of “conspiracy theorist?” Do you know who coined that term and why?

Do you believe in magic bullets that defy the laws of physics?

What did Gore Vidal say about conspiracy theorists and conspiracy analysts and who is he to upset the apple cart anyway? And speaking of apple carts what do you think of Julian Assange being locked up for publishing the truth? Who does the truth hurt and why?

What do you think?

Have you read 1984 by George Orwell? Did it scare you? Should it have? How about Brave New World by Aldous Huxley? Do you think perhaps these guys were on to something?

Me? My opinions aren’t important today. If you’ve read my articles you’ll see my opinions chop and change as more information comes to hand. I aren’t a zealot – are you?

What is a zealot anyway? What is a useful idiot? Who used that term originally?

Do you believe in the rights of individual or the collective? What about when the individual is you or a member of your family? Did your answer change? It didn’t? Good for you.

So tell me – where do you get your news from? Just there? How do you know that you’re being told the whole truth? Do you ever seek an alternate view? Do you like to have your opinions challenged? How do you respond when they are?

It’s interesting isn’t it?

How do we know what’s right? How do we know what is real other than what our senses can tell us? Have you heard about MK Ultra by the way? What is brainwashing? Why do they call television shows programs? Would it be possible to brainwash an entire population? Do you remember the weapons of mass destruction held by Iraq? Have they found them yet?

Have you ever wondered why certain words are used? Law of the land? Prisoner at the dock? What’s that about and why is higher education called a degree? What’s going on there?

Sorry I’m getting off the track. I tend to do that. I guess that’s because I’m a conspiracy analyst.

Do you sleep well?

Dream on.

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By Mark