I no longer consume mainstream media in any meaningful way. I still catch enough of it to know I am not missing anything. Publications that were once trusted have descended into clickbait-obsessed headlines with very little analysis. What analysis there is has become partisan cheering for whatever cause/party/program the media outlet has attached itself to.

media ownership chart New York Times

Television news is simply infotainment that regurgitates talking points and press releases while occasionally interspersing drivel with a human interest story about a penguin that went the wrong way or an old lady who knits socks for Ukrainian children.

Truth is always hard to find. “Winners write history.” “The first casualty of war is truth.” “The truth is still putting on its boots when a lie has run halfway around the world.” There are dozens of such cliches and quotes that warn us not to accept things at face value and yet we are encouraged, dare I say, coerced into accepting whatever narrative it is that the media and/or the government want us to believe.

I look for truth through independent sources from all over the world. Some of these sources would be considered right-wing. Some would be considered left-wing. Coincidentally many of these people today appeared on a list of “dangerous journalists” Issued by the Ukrainian government.

All of them are painting a picture that the mainstream media refuse to acknowledge.

That picture is potentially terrifying whilst simultaneously presenting exciting opportunities for the world as a whole. To be clear about my point of view, it is abundantly clear that we are in the last days of the American empire and the fallout from that will be huge for the entire Western world.

I’ve been trying to figure out what’s going on in Ukraine for some months. President Biden’s speeches have become a source of mirth, while his son’s corruption and depravity remain unreported in many circles. The January 6 committee investigation holds no interest for me nor seemingly the vast majority of American people. I watched Sri Lanka erupt with mixed feelings of awe, alarm and at times amusement. The Dutch farmer’s revolt against their government has caught my eye. As has the recent announcement by the Canadian government that they intend to pursue a similar set of policies to the Dutch government. Then there’s Imran Khan’s political battle unfolding in Pakistan.

I’ve also been watching what is happening with the BRICS economic group and comparing it with the madness that seems to have consumed the World Economic Forum. The world is changing before our eyes and we’re still being fed a diet of bulldust that demands we bend the knee to all sorts of agendas while trusting political parties who have clearly demonstrated that they should not be put in charge of organising a Christmas party let alone the economies of entire states and countries.

Outrage is cultivated to suit agendas while massive protests across the world are ignored because they run counter to the agenda. We are being lied to daily and we continue to swallow it.

There’s a sporting contest to watch and a concert to go and see. We keep getting encouraged to be entertained. Meanwhile, the Empire is in its death throes and seems determined to drag everyone down with it.

I don’t know exactly what is happening in Ukraine. What’s really happening in the Biden administration remains a mystery. Sri Lanka, Holland and Canada are sources of fascination. As are the growing ties between India, Russia and China.

What I want to know is not being told by mainstream media. They don’t want me to look. You and I are meant to trust a very narrow channel of news sources. The truth is that we can’t afford to.

Look for the truth. Let it take you where it will.

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By Mark