Australia’s future is wearing a yellow vest.

yellow vests in France

As the French yellow vest movement gains strength, the Australian economy will become chained to the Trans Pacific Partnership on the 30th December 2018.   Australians will initially not notice.  They have become lulled into a soporific feel good daze that the free trade mantra induces.

When they inevitably awake to the almighty fuckery that has gone on all hell will break loose.

There will be hell to pay.

If you don’t believe me, take a moment to see the real flesh and blood reporting of the yellow vest protests developing in Paris and indeed across Europe.

What Are the Yellow Vest Grievances?

While the mainstream media would have you believe that the rioting is caused by opposition to a fuel tax. The grievances run much deeper.  They are an organic rage against the unfeeling, unrestrained machine that has been let loose upon the French people by a toxic mix of central banking, excess, tax gouging and international treaties disguised as humanitarian principles.

A quick glance at the demand of the yellow jackets reveals that they see the instrument of much of this injustice as the European Union.  Much of French sovereignty has been stripped bare.  It is bound by the rules of the European Union and must conform lest there be severe penalties.  Meanwhile the bankers and bureaucrats engorge themselves on the easy pickings that Max Keiser and Stacey Herbert so brilliantly point out in their discussion here.

The French have taken a long time to awake, but they’re awake now.  Where it stops is impossible to say.

Australians politicians should be taking notes and they should be getting nervous.

By signing the Trans Pacific Partnership, Australia willingly signed away its rights to write laws that may affect any party privy to the TPP. The provisions of Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) clauses in the TPP make it possible for foreign investors to sue governments for laws that affect their interests.

Besides this blatant abuse of Australian’s sovereignty, there are five major objections to the TPP. Each of them will have an impact upon the ordinary working Australian.  Not that either major party would give a flying rat’s toenail.

The sewn seeds of Australian discontent

The five areas for ongoing concern are -:

  • Stronger longer lasting monopolies for medical products leading to higher prices.
  • Employment conditions under threat.  The TPP can be viewed as a Trojan horse designed to erode working conditions.  Businesses will be forced to compete without trade barriers against economies that use virtually slave labour. You can kiss goodbye to any thoughts of wage increases keeping pace with the cost of living in that scenario.
  • Despite promises to the contrary the TPP makes mention of only four international environment agreements.  This watering down of arrangements could see icons like the Great Barrier Reef placed under even greater threat.
  • Practical removal of fair use principles n relation to copyright infringements.
  • Labelling of food will be substantially restricted.  Australian made labels as well as GE labels may be a thing of the past.  Australians will face a situation where they don’t know what they’re eating.

These unheralded and largely ignored imposts on the Australian people will inevitably lead to a list of grievances similar to the yellow vest movement in Europe.

Of course, these changes won’t all happen on the first of January in the coming year.  They will occur incrementally.  The frustration will grow and simmer beneath the surface.

It will add to the frustration of being involved in other country’s wars, the ever growing tax burden being placed on the middle class and the weak kneed grovelling of the Australian government before its US masters.

One day the frustration will boil over.

It will be bloody, horrific and it will be wearing a yellow vest.

It could have been avoidable.




protest is part of democracy, however, when I seen the French protesters burning cars belonging to workers and breaking shop windows, I feel they are losing their focus. Perhaps they could stop buying from the closest supporters of those who they disagree with..

Perhaps they could, but you can only be kicked in the guts so often. If you wind the rubber band tight enough, it’s bound to break.
Reason is forgotten.
By the way, the independent people on the ground are saying that a) the police were the aggressors and b) there were Antifa style thugs causing all sorts of problems.

It’s hard to tell from here. but if we go down the same path , we will end up in the same place
The same thing will happen here.

>Despite promises to the contrary the TPP makes mention of only four international environment agreements. This watering down of arrangements could see icons like the Great Barrier Reef placed under even greater threat.

No, no no just no.
The spark that caused the Yellow Vest movement was a proposed 50% tax on fuel, which stemmed from climate policy, people care about the environment, but only to a degree, I know it sounds harsh but in reality the Australian middle class doesn’t care about the great barrier reef as much as the ever up creeping power prices putting progressively greater strain on households, itself a product of power prices subsidizing renewables, now THAT’s a reason to riot..
>Labelling of food will be substantially restricted. Australian made labels as well as GE labels may be a thing of the past. Australians will face a situation where they don’t know what they’re eating.

If people found things small as this reason for insurrection the world would be on fire.

Mike the trigger for the yellow vest movement was the fuel tax but the list of demands make it quite clear that the underlying problem is unrepresentative control imposed by Brussels. You won;t get that from Mainstream Media who are desperately trying to portray this as an uprising against one isolated tax. It isn’t. Any system that imposes unrepresentative government on a people is not a democratic one. The TPP is a farce and a fraud as is free trade

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