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Mainstream media stenographers masquerading as journalists  have been furiously clinging to the belief that it was Russia that hacked the DNC  server and distributed Hillary Clinton’s emails to WikiLeaks.

This is despite the Forensic analysis  conducted by the former technical director of the NSA William Binney and other technical experts that contradicts the official MSM narrative.  According to Binney, the speed at which the emails were downloaded make it impossible for the hacking to have been done from a foreign country.

Binney’s analysis has been largely ignored by everybody within corporate media who have relied upon the statements supplied by intelligence agencies.   These are the very same intelligence agencies who gave us weapons of mass destruction. Clearly their statements cannot be taken at face value and yet hack journalists being paid outrageous sums of money to report the official narrative insist on doing so.

This acceptance of the official narrative has been myopic and sycophantic. Who would dare question the word of the intelligence agencies? It is precisely this attitude that delivered the Iraq war.

Now as the inevitable wheels of Justice turn,the truth is starting to emerge. Some 6 months ago Devin Nunes was quoted  as saying that discovery in the Rodger Stone case will be fascinating. Indeed it is.

Rodger stone is no angel.   Nor is he an idiot. He’s a political streetfighter who doesn’t rollover. In his defence against charges laid by the Mueller team he has requested a copy of the full crowdstrike analysis of the DNC server. This is the analysis that determined it was Russia that hacked Clinton’s emails    Crowdstrike was the private firm that was paid in excess of one million dollars to “forensically” examine the server. The same crowdstrike that refused to hand the server to the FBI. The FBI has now admitted in court that they never received an unredacted copy of the report by Crowdstrike. I kind of get the feeling that Rodger Stone wasn’ surprised in the slightest.

To be clear the FBI has now admitted that the entire Russian hacking investigation has been conducted on the basis of a copy of an incomplete report  completed by a company that has close ties to the DNC.

There’s nothing to see here folks – everything is being done by the book –  that is if you believe in fantasy.

Predictably, these developments as with many other developments that do not suit the official  legacy media narrative are being largely ignored. I can’t for one minute imagine the scale of arrogance  and conceit that allows a supposed journalist to ignore such developments.

Nor can I imagine, the mental gymnastics required by alleged journalists to so easily swallow and regurgitate the accepted  narrative. There are simply too many holes in the story for a credible journalist to ignore and yet ignore those holes they do.

For some time now I have perceived the entire Russian conclusion delusion as a circus – a calculated farce designed to distract and deflect.   As the wheels continue to fall off the Russian bandwagon, the media continues to double down. This cannot end well for the United States nor for what was once the noble profession of journalism.

The problem is that the coverage has been so widespread, so consistent and so insistent that the media will have a difficult time admitting that they were either misled or misguided.

And yet the signs that something was wrong with the official DNC narrative  have been there from day one. Julian Assange has been adamant that he did not receive the email from Russia.  To support his claims, former diplomat Craig Murray has stated on more than one occasion that he received USB drives  from two separate individuals in the United States. These drives contained the emails that we’re later published by WikiLeaks.  Bill Binney and others have proven that the emails were downloaded to a hard drive. In another not entirely unrelated fact, Adam Carter at the forensicator has clearly demonstrated that  Guccifer 2.0 was not operating from Russia but from somewhere on the US mainland. These are all facts that remain unreported and unremarked upon in legacy media channels. It’s a pity because there’s a massive story sitting just below the surface waiting for a journalist with credibility to expose it.

There is much  discussion about fake news and who you can trust.   Legacy media have proven themselves to be unreliable conflicted and untrustworthy.   I suspect that there will be further revelations in the coming months that make the DNC were hacked by Russia narrative  to be patently and provably false. How legacy media responds to these revelations as they occur will either make it or break it.

Meanwhile, there are literally scores of citizen journalists  prepared to do the hard yards and dig out the facts. They operate on both sides of the political spectrum and a largely in agreeance  when it comes to the known facts surrounding the DNC emails and the Russian collusion delusion. These are the people that we should be following because mainstream media is  focused on dying slowly by its own hand


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