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The New York Times recently took time out to ridicule people who questioned the official narrative about Covid-19. I am one of those people and I don’t give a flying frog’s leg for the NYT’s opinion.

This is the same publication that clings to the Trump/Russia collusion delusion and has at various times expected you to believe
that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, that the terrorists of 9/11 had flameproof passports that floated into the hands of the FBI and that the Free Syria Army were “good rebels” even as footage emerged of them beheading a child.

The New York Times has traded for far too long on its reputation of fearless journalism. It is a mere shadow of its former self having long ago forsaken its independence in favour of “briefings” from shadowy intelligence operatives and politicians with similar “beliefs and values” to theirs.

They are not alone. All major media outlets are guilty of at best laziness and at worst straight out complicitness in distributing misleading misinformation. The ABC in Australia even has a show called the insiders showcasing journalists with :inside knowledge”

CBS, for example were recently caught substituting footage from an Italian hospital for a New York hospital. Noone batts an eyelid. They are not held to account. And a vast majority of people continue to trust them.

People aren’t stupid but they are programmed to trust news outlets as reliable. Even when something jars, they haven’t got the time to ask why let alone think through the ramifications of being told a blatant lie by a trusted news source.

So, when people start to ask legitimate questions about Covid 19 and the coverage of it in particular, the media becomes outraged and attacks people questioning their narrative as conspiracy theorists.

The scenario is oh so predictable.

The media reports what they’re told chapter and verse about infection rates, projected death rates and deaths in China.
People ask questions like – where do these figures come from? What is the modelling based upon? Who supplied the death toll in China and has it been independently checked?

These are all legitimate questions which then lead to other questions.

That’s what journalists should always do – ask questions that go beyond the official narrative – not simply repeat it.

And yet MSM representatives become outraged when you dare question their narrative. They then search for the most extreme opinion and dress that up as a conspiracy theory being pedalled by anyone questioning the official position.

For what it’s worth I haven’t accepted the official narrative on anything substantial since “overwhelming evidence” was presented to the United Nations by Colen Powell. I reserve the right to question everything and to continue to do so. If you want to blindly accept the official narrative, that is your right. Each to their own.

One of the “alarming areas” of conspiracy theorists according to mainstream media is the questioning of Bill Gates. True to form, MSM have linked legitimate questions concerning Gates’ involvement with the WHO , his obvious malfeasance in India and Africa and his sudden emergence as the “go to guy” for a vaccine as a conspiracy theory blaming Gates for unleashing the virus.

I think I can speak for at least 80% of people who have asked the questions and say that we aren’t making that connection. We are simply fearful of Gates’ saviour complex, his apparent willingness to sacrifice thousands of people to achieve his goals and his obsession with tracking and tagging people via a vaccine.

I honestly don’t know how dangerous Covid 19 is. Nor do I know how reliable the statistics being supplied are. I do know that I’ve been consistently lied to for over a decade by institutions like the New York Times. My mistrust is amplified by the obvious connections between the media, big business and security agencies. My cynical eye knows that TV cameras can be used to frame a narrative. That doesn’t mean that I’m not being a good citizen and practising all the social distancing I’m asked to do. It simply means that I’m looking beyond the now and hoping like crazy that when “the cure” is presented to us that it isn’t worse than the disease.

If that sort of thinking makes me a conspiracy theorist, so be it. I’d rather continue to ask questions of a system that is broken beyond repair than to put my trust in it or the New York Times

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