disturbing questions about MSM

Aside from confirming the web of lies spun by the establishment, a series of apparently unconnected events, largely under reported by mainstream media raise some very disturbing questions.

The events in question are -:

  1. Comical discredited “spook” Christopher Steele’s admission in a British court that the infamous Russian dossier used to justify spying on the Trump campaign in the 2016 election was fabricated to assist Hilary Clinton to challenge Trump’s presidency just in case she lost.
  2. The absurd and patently false article published in the Guardian by anti-journalists Luke Harding and Dan Collyns alleging that Paul Manafort met Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian embassy prior to the publication of the Clinton emails. Despite evidence being produced by WikiLeaks, Manafort and various independent sources proving the assertions incorrect, the Guardian remains unrepentant.
  3. The uncovering of The Integrity Initiative by independent journalists and Anonymous Europe reveal a British Government department dedicated to disinformation and cultivating “journalists” and media organisations to disseminate the “truth” that they want the general public to believe.

If you’re getting your news from a mainstream media outlet you are probably unaware of the truth of any of these matters.

MSM have been to busy to tell you any of this – they’ve been hyperventilating over Michael Flynn (another classic case of selective reporting at best), and burying the truth about the size strength and scope of the yellow vests movement in France.

There’s no way that they will ever hold the establishment’s feet to the fire and ask any disturbing questions.  They have neither the will nor the wit.

I wonder why that is?

Investigation of any of these stories leads down interconnecting rabbit holes of seemingly infinite depth.  One inescapable conclusion is that the US elections were indeed subjected to foreign influence.  However, that influence wasn’t being brought by Russia, but by one of the United States’ closest allies – Great Britain.

There is ample evidence to support this – from Christopher Steele’s grubby hand prints over the “peegate” dossier right through to the discovery that Simon Bracey Lane – an employee of the Integrity Initiative linked company Statecraft – inserted himself into the Bernie Sanders campaign in 2016.

When you align these shenanigans with the dubious “reporting” by Luke Harding and the Guardian newspaper, a picture of a systematic well resourced perpetual disinformation campaign run at arms length by the British government begins to emerge.

One result of this continuous campaign is the smearing of Julian Assange  another is the relentless Russiagate conspiracy which emanated in Britain and has been willingly amplified by apparently ignorant or complicit mainstream media outlets across the Western World.

I am left with some serious disturbing questions that you and I will have to find the answers to, because the entirely conflicted mainstream media isn’t going to ask them.

The questions I have are

  1. Who “leaked” the information about Manafort and Assange to the Guardian stenographers?  What checks and balances did the Guardian employ to verify the story or were they instructed to publish the story?
  2. How deep does this Integrity Initiative go?  Do they have arms in all Western media channels?  Is there collusion between the Integrity Initiative and other Five Eyes state/msm media channels?
  3. Christopher Steele is problematic on so many levels.  I don’t think he is a rogue.  Does he have a connection to the Integrity Initiative?
  4. In his last interview prior to being cut off from the outside world, Julian Assange expressed a strong desire to testify to British Parliament about Cambridge Analytica.  He also stated that “There is an organization that is much more significant than Cambridge Analytica, which is the SCL Group, of which Cambridge Analytica is part. The SCL Group does a lot of work for the UK military and intelligence sector and has been involved in numerous elections over the last 20 years, they brag in 60 countries. It is partly government, partly commercial work. There is still an important question to be resolved, which is how much of the SCL Group’s activities in other countries’ elections are on behalf of the UK state, or otherwise subsidized in some way by the UK state, and how many are simply field service operations for political parties in those states“.  Besides Assange’s very incisive questions, I find myself asking more.
  5. Is there a relationship between SCL and the Integrity Initiative?
  6. How badly do the British intelligence agencies want to silence Julian Assange?

I suspect that the British are more desperate to silence Assange than the Americans are to indict him.

What does Julian Assange know about the British Intelligence Services?

These are all  disturbing questions that we deserve answers to.  Sadly, there are a handful of journalist and independent commentators willing to prod and probe at these uncomfortable truths.

It’s time to start following true independent media and accessing real information.



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