Human trafficking is big business. According to human trafficking is at least a 32 billion dollar business with over a quarter of that business being generated in the United States.

That’s a huge and potentially lucrative business.

For some reason, mainstream media tend to tiptoe around the subject and hope you don’t notice.  Why is that?

Perhaps it’s because they don’t see any value in it.  Maybe they’re too lazy to get off their bums and investigate. Or maybe they just don’t want to report on it.

It is fairly obvious that human trafficking relies upon chaos and disorder.
The situation in Libya bears testimony to that.  There, slaves are auctioned off for $400 each.  This is a direct result of America’s direct intervention in the affairs of the country and the resultant overthrow and murder of Gaddafi and most of his family.

Western media don’t want you to look too closely or to ask too many questions lest you realise who is ultimately responsible for this diabolical situation.

That’s not just weird – it’s criminally negligent.

People Trafficking Flourishes in Times of Chaos

When people are displaced or separated, it is relatively easy for organised gangs to prey upon the weak.  Children and women are two profitable targets.  Like it or not there is a huge market for children.   Wealthy individuals who believe that they are untouchable pay big money to get access to kids. This is not a fantasy or Russian propaganda.  It is fact.  In many instances children are sold as sex toys or being used being used as slave labour.  Adults are often sold for the express purpose of having their organs harvested.

Who could possibly participate in such an enterprise?

The scale and extent of this business is so large that it has to be organised by professional criminal cartels.  Cartels large enough to make problems and obstacles to their trade disappear.

Where there is big money to be made there will always be corruption.  It simply stands to reason.

Refugee crises make the perfect cover for human trafficking

The multiple crises that have been engineered in Libya, Yemen and Syria have seen a surge in genuine refugees (economic and political) fleeing their homes and seeking shelter in other countries.

This state of near permanent chaos has made the perfect cover for criminal enterprises to transport human cargo from country to country.

Many economic refugees intercepted at the United States southern border have been found to be in the company of children who are not relatives.  These rather disturbing occurrences remain largely unreported by mainstream media.

The Debate About Trump’s Wall.

There are some indisputable facts.  These are that

  • Human trafficking  is a lucrative business that thrives in chaotic situations
  • America’s Mexican border is porous
  • Until Trump’s election the attempts to stop the flow of illegal immigrants into the USA was at best, half-hearted.  Politicians of all hues were happy to vote for increased security in the form of fencing.
  • The Democrats now call Trump’s position racist and xenophobic.
  • Trump has stated on multiple occasions that his wall is about stopping human trafficking, drug trafficking and illegal entry.

Why would a political party take a position that essentially allowed human trafficking to continue unabated?

I understand the arguments that there are other ways to get in to the country, but when you shut one avenue off, you can pour more resources into others.  The wall won’t stop human trafficking, but it will make it harder.  Surely that’s a step in the right direction.

As has become the norm throughout the Trump presidency, the media have misrepresented his position as racist and childish.  Apparently they have no problem with human trafficking continuing in its current form.

The CIA connection

Two weeks ago, the underground Internet community was rife with a rumour that a former head of the CIA was about to be arrested for child trafficking.

This has not occurred, but some sources are adamant that he will be arrested soon.

It is worth remembering that the CIA had no qualms about the active cultivation and shipment of multiple illicit drugs from marijuana through to heroin.   Their moral compass has never pointed anywhere near the right way.  If there is a dollar to be made, you can bet that the CIA are up to their neck in it.

The wall and the Trump Presidency represent a clear and present danger to those who have profited from human trafficking for many years.

Who are they exactly?

I suspect that those who are the loudest voices have the most to lose.


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By Mark